Friday, July 1, 2011

The Water Was Cold

"Angels are all around us, in the very air we breath."

After the park, we went to McDonalds for carry-out and then drove to the creek for a picnic.  The kids were hungry from all the exercise they got that morning.  Once they were finished, into the creek they went.  It was at a very shallow part and they loved it, even though they said it was cold.  Each of them did their own thing, but I think the favorite was throwing rocks so the water would splash.  PopPop and Troy threw the big ones and they made big splashes.  My "Enchilada" kept saying, "This is amazing!"  I was taking pictures and didn't get in the water, but they made sure to pour water on my feet.  It WAS cold!

Cheeseburgers and Fries!

Testing the water.
Looking for shells.
She wanted to lay down and kick.
Trying to catch a tiny fish.

Camryn was getting tired, so Troy took her home for a nap.  The other 2 stayed and played for another hour or so.  There are so many cute pictures of them, I think I'll need to do another post on this.

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