Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Our Last Day Together

"Outside the open window, the morning air is all awash with angels."

Monday was our last day with the Dumpling and the Enchilada before they flew back to the UAE.  We asked Troy and Camryn to spend it with us.  In the morning, we went to the park to play.  The kids love it there and always have a good time.  The kids wanted Troy to do everything with them, push them on the swings, catch them on the slide, carry them on his shoulders, hold his hand etc!  Camryn did a good job of sharing her daddy.

When we were done at the park, we went to McDonalds for takeout and went to the creek for a picnic and swimming.  That was fun also and will be another post.

On the way to the park.

She loved the slide.

The swings are always her favorite.

He likes to climb.

Sharing something, I'm not sure what!
All 3 climbing the wall.

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