Sunday, November 23, 2014

They Are Coming Home for Christmas

        "A family is one of natures's masterpieces."

Our California family is coming to Pennsylvania.  This hasn't happened for a few years and all of 
us are excited.  It will be so nice having everyone together celebrating instead of using FT.

The older kids gave us their Christmas List when we were visiting in California in October.  Gracie and I went shopping so she could show me some things she wanted.  However, I haven't been able 
to find them in PA.  I promised her that the next time I come for a visit we will get them.  She will be surprised with the things we have for her.

All of the PA cousins are excited and planning sleepovers.  I hope we get the time to do it.

The CA kids are hoping it snows big time!  The don't remember what it's like or how cold it is.
I don't like snow at all, but I hope is snows just for them!  We send them pictures and videos when it snows in PA.  They are mesmerized by them.

I am sure this little guy will be tearing around when they come.  He was just learning to walk when 
we were in CA.

We won't be outside with bare feet either!  I think they will be surprised how cold it really gets.  

My "Enchilada" was cold one day when it was 70 and he needed to go inside and put on long pants.
We just laughed because we were in shorts and bare feet.

It is going to be a very special Christmas for all of us.  Let's just hope that everything goes as planned.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Little Falcon's Soccer Camp

"Best friends don't necessarily have to talk every day.  The don't even need to talk for weeks.  But when they do it's like they never stopped talking."

Cali and Camryn are cousins and best friends.  They truly love each other and have the best time together.  This summer, they went to the Little Falcons Soccer Camp together.  It was just in the mornings for little kids ages 5-8.

They were on the same team, so that made it all the more fun for them.  Wherever Cali was on the field, Camryn was close behind.

Camryn did such a good job learning the new skills.  She was probably the youngest at the camp, just turning 5 in June.

Cali was a goal scoring machine.  She has older brothers, so she didn't let anyone push her around.

They were on TEAM  USA, extra fun because of the World  Cup.

AND . . . every single day, their sisters came to watch.  Chloe got up early every morning to go along on the hour trip.  I think she loves Messiah as much as we do.  Cali and Camryn had the same coach as Chloe did the week before.  She was such a good role model.

This was the last day of camp, pictured with their coach.
I know they are looking forward to next summer and another camp!