Sunday, July 10, 2011

Family Tournament

"Rejoice with your family in the beautiful land of life."
Yesterday, our soccer club had a 4 Aside Tournament.  Both Cole and Carter's teams played.  What made it so special was that 2 of my great nephews came to be guest players on each of the teams.  Mason played on Cole's team and Luke played on Carter's team.  It was so much fun, even though the day was a scorcher.  My camera stopped working, but I got a few pictures, not near enough though. We all think that the Mees should move from Long Island to Pennsylvania.


Bethany and Camryn were here for the day also, so the little girls were together again.  They played together nicely and do a good job of sharing.  It is so much fun watching them.

Cali is always so sweet to Camryn.

Dutiful sisters trying to watch the game.  It was so hot, I brought them home to swim before the tourney was over.  Jonathan and Alex came also. Everyone needed a break from the heat.

Three of my four precious girls.  Maybe we'll have a fifth in December.

Pap and Grandma were here for lunch and the first game.  The loved visiting with my niece and her 4 boys. After the tournament was over, the kids went swimming and we did burgers on the grill.  Those boys really deserved a dip in the pool.

Camryn with Pap.  She was sharing her doll with him.

Camryn with Grandma and her Mommy.

Wish I had more pictures to post, but my camera is having a lense problem.

Next post:  Baby J Is Walking!

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