Saturday, April 30, 2011

Our Royal Day

"Every now and then, when the world sits just right, a gentle breath of heaven fills my soul with delight."
 Friday was the Royal Wedding and Chloe was so excited.  We decided that we would have our own Royal Reception.  I got up around 3AM to watch everything on the computer.  The wedding was so beautiful and Kate was a beautiful bride.  Everything but the ride to the Palace was over by the time I got to see the girls. 

When I walked in, the girls were dressed in their princess dresses and had on the hats we made the day before.  Chloe was so interested in all the hats that were going to be worn, so the girls made their own with flowers and feathers.  Their princess table and chairs were in front of the TV along with all their princess dolls.  She had the table set with  wedding paper plates, cups and napkins.  We even had favors filled with M&M's. 

It was so much fun serving them a breakfast of English Muffins, tea, orange juice and fresh strawberries.  They were loving their "Royal Wedding Breakfast".
The girls missed the actual wedding, but they did see the kiss on the balcony, which was Chloe's favorite of the day.  We watched the reruns all morning.  They also had made placemats for their breakfast, but we forgot about them. Good thing Chloe remembered.  They used them when I served  their Royal Lunch of fancy finger sandwiches.  It was a fun day and I hope it's something that girls will always remember.

Chloe was more than happy to show her placemat, featuring William and Kate, but Cali was done and said "No more pictures!"   She went to her room and watched a movie. 

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