Friday, March 4, 2011

Smile Day

"Smile - sunshine is good for your teeth."

Monday was "Smile Day" so we coordinated our crafts around smiles.  We talked about what makes us smile and how much better it makes us feel.  Our craft for the day was taking a small paper plate and folding it in half.  We cut styrofoam peanuts into pieces to look like teeth and glued them in between the paper plate, added red lips, a nose and eyes with long eyelashes.  Cali informed that her eyes were brown, so she needed a brown crayon.  My demo had blue eyes!

For the snack, I took apple slices (with the red skin on)  spread on some peanut butter and stuck on mini marshallows (to look like teeth) and then put another apple slice on top (with pb) and they looked like smiles.  The girls were thrilled with their snack and were so anxious to eat them.  Cali said "This is the best!"  

Since it was March 1st, we also made a lion face and talked about how March comes in like a lion.  That was fun, but not as much fun as eating those apple smiles!!

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