Sunday, March 27, 2011


"Home is where you can say anything you like cause nobody listens to you anyway."
It was raining in NYC when I got off the plane and felt so cold.  I was so thankful for my nieces husband, Tim.  He was guiding me, on cell-phone, how to get to the train.  If it weren't for him, I'd still be wandering around NY!

It was so nice to get hugs from my nieces and nephews and finally be able to relax after the LONG plane ride.  I gave the boys their t-shirts, from Dubai, and crashed on the sofa.  The next morning, Alex wore his to school.
I was up around 3 AM on Thursday morning, looked out the window and saw it snowing.  It was so funny to be in 80 degree weather one day and 30 degrees the next day.  Driving home through the Poconos was beautiful.  The snow looked so white after being in the desert for 2 weeks.

It hadn't snowed in Middleburg and I was anxious to see the kids.  Their hugs felt so good and they loved the soccer kits I brought home for them.  It feels so good to be home, but I am still shedding some tears for my babies in the UAE.  They are so precious and I won't be seeing them again until July.

Carl, Troy, Christopher, Cole and Carter went to New Jersey yesterday to see the USA Men's National Team game.  I was just too tired to go along but will be at Cole and Carter's games this afternoon.  Monday it's back with the girls and Tuesday I finally get to play with Camryn.  I'm anxious to see her in the Manchester City kit I brought back.

Missing my "far away family" but am so thankful that I got to spend a wonderful 2 weeks with them. Love you, and thank you for making me feel so welcome, loved and at home.

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  1. Such a precious family you have! And they are all so lucky to have you!
    Love Mary