Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Greats

"Your talent is Gods gift to you.  What you do with it is your gift back to God."

My great niece and 2 of my great nephews (sister and brothers) were on a mission trip in NYC.  This was their school break and they chose to go with Planet Impact into the city to share their testimonies with the less fortunate.  They are such great kids. Emily, 16, is the oldest of five children.  She is such a terrific big sister, doing whatever she needs to in order to help out the boys.  By the way, there are four of them!!  I can't imagine having 4 little brothers.  She  takes advanced courses in high school, plays the flute, sings, does ballet and several other kinds of dance.  I really need to do a post JUST about her.  Her two oldest brothers, Jonathan and Mason, went along on their first mission trip. Emily has been to Mexico City, Costa Rica, Georgia and England on previous trips.  She is going on another international trip this summer.  I'm not sure if the boys are going on that one. They may be just a little too young for that.  I'm so proud of you three and love you to death!!

Sorry Mason, I couldn't get your picture to load.  Please go to Planet Impact's blogspot and see what these amazing kids have been up to.  You will also see their pictures.  


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