Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pearly Whites

"Angels have no philosophy but love."
I have been so fortunate to be spending a lot of time with Camryn.  Her mom and dad both coach soccer at Messiah College, and when needed, I am there to help out.  Camryn always comes first for them, but soccer is a love that both of them have.  Both the mens and women's teams are in the final 8 in the country.  We are so hoping they get to the Final Four in Texas and earn yet another National Championship.

This past weekend when I was there babysitting, Camryn wanted to brush her teeth. She wants to do this everytime she sees her toothbrush.  So, she and Mommy sat down and had a go at it.  She is so precious and really takes her time getting all those pearly whites!

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