Saturday, August 22, 2015

One Dozen

"Life is a flame that is always burning itself out, but it catches fire again every time a child is born."

Yes, we are having grandchild #12 in February!  As always, I am so excited for a new addition to our family.  Troy and Bethany are expecting this angel on February 14th.  My birthday is the 11th, so I might have  a wonderful gift this year.

The told us on our vacation in June and it has been a very hard secret to keep!  The girls, Camryn and Sadie, are so excited. They are telling everyone.  Most times they want a sister, but a few times it has been a brother.  We will find out on September 1 and I will be letting you know!!!

                     Sadie is 2 1/2.

Camryn is 6 1/2.

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