Saturday, July 28, 2012

J Bird is TWO

"Children make your life important."

We celebrated J Bird's birthday on Wednesday.  He was 2!  It was so much fun because we didn't get to celebrate #1 with him.  We were lucky to have him here on vacation at this time.

It was just a small family fun time.  Cole and my g-nephew Mason, were at Messiah Soccer Camp.  Troy and Christopher were there as coaches.  We always like to watch the kids play their games in the evening, so it was a perfect place to have a picnic.

We went a little early and let the kids swim/wade in the creek by the soccer field.  Later, we had a picnic with cupcakes to celebrate birthday #2.

He was anxious to blow out the candles. We had a hard time lighting them because of the breeze.

It was a little easier to eat once Mommy helped.


  1. Pure cuteness!! Thanks for the quilt square!

  2. so stinking cute! I bet that cupcake was good? Happy birthday sweet boy.