Friday, October 21, 2011

McD's On a Rainy Friday

"Everyone must take the time to sit and watch the leaves turn."

Last week we were fortunate enough to have our "Dumpling" for a few days.  We like to take advantage of seeing her while they are visiting in PA.  On Friday, it was raining like usual, so we decided to have a cousins morning at McDonalds for breakfast.

We have Cali every day and she loves it when her cousin comes to visit.  They always give eachother the biggest hugs.  Cali is in the middle.  My niece, Ally, came along with her 2 children, Bella and River.  Bella is on your right.  These 3 little girls are so much fun to watch.  There's a LOT of energy there!!

After playing at McD's for about 2 hours, the girls wanted to stop by the $ Store.  That is always a treat for them and they NEVER forget!!   When we got home, we did a few fall crafts and then had lunch.  The girls were so proud of the necklaces they made, so I wanted to be sure and post a picture of them wearing the necklaces.  My Dumpling was getting a little camera shy at this point.  She was so tired , and asked to take a nap!  Must be that jet lag still hanging around.

We are looking forward to another fun day together and I have many crafts for them to do. 

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  1. just beautiful all 3 of them and I love their little necklaces they made..awesome job!