Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fun With Family

"What greater thing is there for human souls than to feel they are joined for life - to be with eachother in silent unspeakable memories."
My nieces and nephews have always been a huge part of my life.   When we were first married my husband taught at a private boys military school.  My niece, Jodi, spent a lot of time with us there.  So much that, the school newspaper had an article in it saying we had a little girl!  We didn't have ANY kids at that point.

Our 3 boys all went to Messiah College and were on the soccer team.  My nephew, Ty, went to all the games with us for years.  We had kids in college for 11 years.  Everyone there thought that he was our youngest.  They were all so surprised when they found out  he was our nephew.  This kind of gives  you the idea of how close we are to our nieces and nephews.


This past weekend, my niece, Jodi and great-niece Emily came for a visit.  They live on Long Island, NY.  It always so much fun being with them.  Emily is hoping to go to Messiah College, where my son and his wife both coach soccer.  To give her a taste of college life, we all went to the games on Saturday.  Camryn is so in love with them both.  She really wanted to go to Messiah with them, so we allowed her to ride in their car.  Messiah is only about 4 minutes from their house, but she needed to ride with Emily.

What a wonderful babysitter Emily will be while going to Messiah.  Better yet, it will just be nice to have her so close.  She's lived so far away for too long.

Camryn all ready for the game!

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