Friday, August 26, 2011

She Would Have Been 60

"We are the captains of our own ship sailing the sea of life, but in times of a stormy weather, you will discover true friends when they don't hesitate to be a lighthouse."
I'm sure some of you remember that 2 years ago, my friend Lilian died. It was such a shock and one of the worst days I can remember.  When her son called, I knew it was bad news. I can still remember his voice telling me that she had died, and me not wanting to believe it.  I still don't want to believe it , thinking that one of these days I'll pick up the phone and I'll hear "Hi Debs, it's me!"  It could have been any time of day or night.  If she couldn't sleep, she called me at all hours.  If she couldn't reach me, during the day, she called my mom to see if everything was ok.  On 9/11 she called to make sure my niece from Long Island was ok and my daughter-in-law working in DC was ok.  It made me feel so good that she was thinking of us.

A few years ago my son was in London for his job.  He stopped by to visit her and she was elated.  He had stayed with her years before while playing in a soccer tournament and that is how we became friends.  You didn't have to be around  her long in order to become a friend.  After a few minutes you felt like you had known her for years.

My youngest son also stayed with her during his tournament .  We were so glad to see eachother and catch up.  These are some pictures of her at that tournament.

Here she is with the boys that stayed at her home.  My son, Troy is the one with the blond hair.

She is posing with my son Jake, who was the first to stay with her.  She totally loved him.  My husband is in the pictures also.  She was so upset to learn that he had cancer, but died before she knew his surgery was successful.

Lilian  loved her granddaughter, Lauren.  She always said that they were so much alike.

On her visit here, the two soccer teams had a birthday party for her.  She was so surprised.

We always had so much fun together.  You can tell by her face in this picture that she was a real bird!  We moved my son to another town and she was right there helping.  It was so hot and we were beat!!

Her 60th birthday would have been on August 21st.  Sure wish she was still her with us to celebrate.
Love you Lil and will always miss you.

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