Tuesday, January 4, 2011

First Day

"The world always looks better from behind a smile."
Today was my "Dumplings" first day of pre-school in the UAE.  We were all so excited to hear how she did.  She did great!  She fell going down the slide and hit her head.  She said she had to cry.  I was thinking to myself,  "It's so cold for little kids to be outside on the playground."  Yeah, then I remembered, it's 85 degrees there!!

I gave her a call and she told me about some of her day.  She had a good time and met some friends.  Her brother really missed her.  He kept asking his mom where she was.  I"m pretty sure she missed him also.  With her personality, she is going to succeed in whatever she does.   When her mommy picked her up from school, the teacher said that someone asked her what her name was. She told them and then said  "I'm from China."


  1. What a sweet family you have!
    Your quotes are precious, and I share your sentiments. Cookies, crafts, and family togethernes: perfect holidays indeed.
    Thank you for stopping by the Duchy,

  2. Saw the dress and wondered, where do they live, wow 85 degrees-lucky them! She is so cute and her personality sounds like our Ellas!

  3. Oh sweet Nelly is she ever cute!!!!! Where on earth do you live where you can wear bare legs on January??? Cutest legs ever too!

  4. Hi Debbie, Thanks so much for checking out my blog, your Granddaughter is adorable. I am wondering how her Mom held up. I cried and cried when my twins went to school. The first day my little Chinese diva went she slammed out of the van and said "Don't worry Mom, I've got this."

  5. What a doll! All of your grandchildren are so precious. You must be so proud and thankful! Family is such a blessing!