Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Camryn Day

"Angels have no philosophy but love."
We love it when it's soccer camp time.  With both Troy and Bethany coaching at Messiah College, they are always involved in the camps.  That means they need a baby sitter.  We got there around 7:45 AM, Camryn just had her breakfast and was still in her jammies.  We were playing with her, but of course, PopPop can't stay awake very long.  She just couldn't understand why he wasn't paying any attention to her.  She kept looking at him and then at me, like wondering, "What is wrong with him?"  He let out a snore and it scared her. She came running to me with her arms up to be held.  It was so funny, but she should try sleeping with Pop sometime, it goes on ALL NIGHT LONG!!  To make up for it, he gave her his watch to play with.

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