Monday, October 26, 2009


"Sunshine surrounds the earth as love surrounds our souls." Amethyst Snow-Rene

Camryn May AKA Mam's Sunshine. I have pet names for all of my Treasures. It took a while for me to think of the right one for Camryn. There were so many that I thought of, but they just didn't seem right. Camryn was born two weeks before I had my knee surgery and it was also when we were waiting for Carl's cancer surgery. It was perfect timing for a new baby to be born into our family. She brought so much sunshine into our lives. When I was holding her, I completely forgot about the pain in my leg and how terrible I was feeling. It also made her PopPop forget about what he was facing. She is a beautiful, happy, loving baby, so she is my "Sunshine."

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