Saturday, June 16, 2012

Camryn is Three

"You can have your cake and eat it too."
Last weekend we celebrated Camryn's third birthday.  Actually, she was 3 on June 3rd.  She was so excited as were her cousins Chloe and Cali.  

I asked what kind of cake she wanted and she chose a chocolate Snow White cake.  She loves cakes, always eating the icing before the cake.

Those blue eyes were so big when she was opening all the presents, even though this was the last of the parties.

She's going to the beach next weekend and was so happy to get a Princess beach towel.

She loved this dog, named "Cookie".  The dog actually barks and she carried her all over the place.  I thought one of the neighbors got a new dog and was glad to find out that it was only "Cookie" barking.

Camryn is a very sensitive little girl and always has extra hugs for Pap.  She knows my Dad has been very lonely since Mom went to a nursing home.  My Mom is in her last few weeks of life suffering from the horrible disease of Alzheimers.   

And of course, the princess tshirt.   Happy Birthday Sunshine!  Love you so much.

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