Monday, October 18, 2010

See Ya Later

"Sisterhood is powerful."
We walk Chloe to Kindergarden every day.  They live right beside the school, so it just means walking through the parking lot.  Some days, Cali doesn't want to go because she is watching "Little Bear."  We always hurry to get Sissy to school so she can return to the show.  Most days, we feed their rabbit 'Peanutbutter' on the way back.  If it's raining I'll try to get out of it, but she always says "I have to MamMam!"  There is no changing her mind.  After that, we stop to talk to their dog 'Rooney' and usually bring him inside for his "NAP" also.  Cali tells me every day that it's not 'nappy' time,  but she doesn't have any trouble falling asleep.

Most times she is still sleeping when they get home around 4:00, but if  awake she starts yelling "SISSY"!  Then the battles begin all over again!

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