Friday, March 12, 2010

No Coats Needed!

"May brooks and trees and singing hills join in the chorus too, and every gentle wind that blows, send happiness to you."  Irish Blessings

It was so warm when we got home from McDonalds, so we decided to stay outside and blow bubbles.  We didn't even need coats!  The girls were so giggly and silly.  Too bad that nap time came upon a little too soon.  Cali wasn't much in favor of going inside.  I'm so glad that the windows were shut when we went in.  The neighbors would have thought that I was beating her.  She was so loud, "I don't want a nap,  I want to blow bubbles."   Well, she took a nap.  When she got up, she was ready to blow bubbles again.

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